I am thankful for all the support!

(Support is continuously pouring in and the list will be updated regularly!)

JEFF LUDLUM, Community Activist, Santa Clara Valley

"Sudha Kasamsetty will bring excellence and new energy to the Cupertino Union School District (CUSD) Board of Directors.  Her organizational skills, keen mind, and boundless enthusiasm, coupled with her experience as a business professional, community activist, and parent make her a strong candidate that will benefit all sides of those involved in the schools of CUSD."

LIANG FANG CHAO, Cupertino City Council Member & Former CUSD Board Member 

"I’m glad that Sudha has decided to run for CUSD board. I have endorsed her since CUSD board needs another strong voice for parents right now. The new board will have tough decisions to make. Sudha is a  person with great ideas and ability to carry it out."

BALAJI VENKATRAMAN, Former Evergreen School Disrict Board Trustee

JOHN ROBERT WILLEY, Cupertino Council Member 

STEVEN SHARF, Cupertino Mayor and Cupertino Council Member 

RAHUL VASANTH, Elected CA Democratic Party Delegate 

TONY GUAN, CUSD Parent, Board Member of Silicon Valley Chinese Association

LYNETTE LEE, Los Altos City Council Member 

LYDIA KOU, Palo Alto City Council

RAY WANG, Planning Commissioner Vice Chair 

KIRAN KOCHERLAKOTA, Meyerholz Elementary School Parent 

We need an energetic and driven person on the board who is herself a parent and understands the navigational challenges on both sides - administrative and parental! I see such an energy and drive in Sudha Kasamsetty who is herself a parent and administrator! I trust her leadership and decision making skills to serve her well in the role she is embarking upon.

DEREK LEE, FUHSD Parent and Active School Volunteer

"Sudha Kasamselty is very passionate and familiar about CUSD affairs. Relentlessly, she deep dive into complex issues at CUSD, bridging board members, administrators, staff, community and parents.. Her volunteering experiences at school, professional leadership, organizing skills and most importantly her passionate enthusiasm will definitely be a great asset to the CUSD Board of Directors."

KANCHAN LAKKAPRADAGA, Miller and Lynbrook Parent 

Sudha is a fearless leader! I have known her for many years as a friend. Working side by side with her mentoring elementary students for Destination IMagination for years , having seen her grow Vervecon as a successful Entrepreneur , I truly believe  that she is the right choice to bring new energy, passion and innovative ideas as CUSD board elect during the November  Election of 2020. Sudha is caring and understands that in order to serve the community one needs to listen first . In a short period of time she built a community of parents through her CUSD focus group and brought all concerns along with the right solutions to the CUSD board. She has motivated young students through her youth focus group . Sudha will be an excellent addition to the CUSd board to come up with robust solutions to the upcoming challenges,  being strong voice for parents and kids. 

GOPAL KUMAR, Library Foundation Board Vice President 

SONYA PATEL, Doctor & Miller Middle School Parent 

"Sudha Kasamsetty is an excellent candidate for the CUSD board. She is a parent of two kids at CUSD and is very passionate about education. She is not afraid to speak her mind and will always stand up for what is right . She has great leadership skills and works extremely hard on projects that are geared toward kids enrichment. She formed a citizens focus group and successfully ran meetings with over 50 parents, board members, and superintendents. She also started the Youth For Change Program for kids and is starting a buddy program for them as well. She truly cares about our kids and their future."

JOCEYLN YEH, Lawson CUSD Parent 

XIAN LIU, Cupertino Community Volunteer 

"Sudha is a true leader. She demonstrated fantastic collaborative nature, representing that voiuce for parents forming CUSD citizen focus group. She spearheaded amazing inititiatives like Youth For change and Student buddy program where my kids were part of and had an amazing experience. As parents, we really trust her committment and dedication towards kids.

BENAIFER DASTOOR, Ex- Cupertino-Freemont-Sunnyvale Council of PTA President 

SONIA DHAMI, Fine Arts Commisioner Cupertino & President of ArtandTolerance.com

ANAND KUCHIBOTLA, President-University of Silicon Andhra 

JOSH GROSSMAN, Candidate for Sunnyvale City Council Member 

KITTY MOORE, Planning Commissioner

JASON XU, CUSD Parent (Miller Middle School)


LISA WARREN, Community Volunteer

DENESSA TECHMANSKI, Community Volunteer

GOVIND TATACHARI, Cupertino Resident 

JOAN CHEN, CUSD Parent and Community Volunteer

MALANI SRINIVATSAV, Saratoga resident and CUSD Parent 

MUNI MADHIPATLA, Community Leader

GEETIKA TARRA, Los Altos Resident and CUSD Parent 


JOSH GROSSMAN, Candidate for Sunnyvale City Council Member 

CARYL GOSKA, Cupertino Resident 

SUE AND JIM MOORE, Resident Volunteers

SASHI BEGUR, Resident of Cupertino