Dear friend and fellow residents, Cupertino has long been famous for two things -- Apple Computer and Schools. While one of them hit a $2 trillion dollar peak just recently, the other is on the brink of closing campuses and cutting student resources. My vision and priorities for CUSD are focused to reverse this slow decline of our schools. Please reach out to me with your comments and additional ideas.

"If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you always got."
    -Ed Foreman


My idea to fix CUSD issues is simple but powerful-- Make parents and community equal partners to board in deciding the future of Cupertino schools. I am confident I can make this happen because of my prior experience in founding many parent led school programs like Citizen Focus Group,  Youth for Change Leadership program and Mentoring Buddy program for middle schoolers.  I will bring the same commitment to community engagement to decide how to avoid closing schools and stem the steady decline in resources and quality of education. Learn more about CUSD Focus Parent Group  and Youth for Change.


My engineering and entrepreneurship background says, nothing is impossible. There is no denying that we are facing budget deficit problems. The current board's attempts to fix finances with Measure O and CUSD25 failed as they were rejected by voters and parents. The first step is to restore this trust with better communication and increased transparency on where the money is going. With that foundation, we can explore new ideas. One example that I have researched shows details of a square footage model to replace current method of charging per parcel . This will increase $ funding for CUSD without increasing tax that residents pay. See Square Footage Model Research. We also need to tap into our communities to reach and get additional corporate funding.


We need to have a robust distance learning in place to not compromise on our quality of education. Yes it is extremely hard to offer an enriching learning experience during COVID times under many financial constraints. When it comes to our kids future though, I believe that we need to adopt the silicon valley motto of nothing is impossible. We need to lose our rigidity,  learn from other communities, private schools, and implement best practices to improve remote learning effectiveness. My engineering leadership experience allows me to aggressively champion the application of the best practices and technology available, as well as learning from successful models at private schools and school districts across the world.